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Tees for Trees Update

Write By: rach Published In: Updates Created Date: 2017-02-28

Thanks to your 2016 Fairtees orders, we were able to help Carbon Neutral plant 92 trees across degraded farmland in Western Australia! Woohoo!

For 2016, Fairtees planted 92 trees through Carbon Neutral to cover our estimated carbon emissions. This was an almost-double increase on the number of trees we've bought in previous years, and it's due to the rise in our retail and wholesale orders - basically, from you buying our tees! :D 

For details about where the trees are planted, what business activites Fairtees offsets and how offsets are calculated, and how many trees your tees have planted since 2013, read here

To see a recent update of Carbon Neutral's Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor Project in Western Australia (where our trees are planted) and the growing, super exciting impact of the plant-a-tree programme, watch their latest short video. It's quite beautiful, too!

From creating more robust systems through an increase in biodiversity, to setting up beehives (the bees will further support the biodiverse tree, bush & plant species) and creating beekeeping jobs for locals, to working with local Indigenous people to understand the cultural value of the land - Carbon Neutral are really making the most of the opportunity they have in Western Australia, and we are so stoked to be supporting them. Thank you for making it possible!!! 

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