Use & Care for Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion - Help your organic & fair trade clothes stick around by loving and treating them right.

We love our clothes. Not just because we'd be cold and naked and probably jailed without them, but also because they often become friends, used for many purposes, accompanying us on our journeys over years, and a lifetime if you're lucky. But you don't have to just get lucky to have your cloth-friends stick around for a long time. Here are some tips on how to treat them well.

These tips apply to the following garments in our range:

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 50% Organic Cotton/ 50% Tencel® (Lenzing Lyocell) Blend
  • 85% Organic Cotton/ 15% Polyester Fleece Blend
  • 100% Lenzing Modal®.

First, consider whether you need to wash at all.

You may only need to spot-clean a small stain, or let it air to get rid of a smell. Reducing unnecessary washing can prolong the life of a garment, and reduce your energy use and carbon emissions too!

organic and fair trade jumper - use and care

sustainable fashion use and care swing tag

When you do need to wash and dry:

Wash at/below 30C (Cold wash is best)

Don't tumble dry

Don't dry clean 

Don't bleach

Cool-Warm iron

  • Wash dark colours with dark clothes, lights with lights & whites with whites.
  • Mend tears, patch holes, replace zippers & reinforce worn areas. Be creative and make it your own!
  • Enjoy the sun shine, use your clothesline!

'Changing Clothes' Art Project - Lea Redmond

We want to thank the creative and generous Lea Redmond from Leafcutter Designs whose neck tag from her 'Changing Clothes' Art Project was the basis for our swing tag and business card design (and from whom we received permission to adapt and use it to promote clothing sustainability). We think it sends the perfect message about how we can all appreciate the craftsmanship in our clothes, and take simple steps to make our wardrobe more sustainable. Thank you Lea!