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Organic Issues (2)

Why choose organically farmed products? Stay in the know with issues and information about organic farming and why it is important to choose organic.

Fair Trade Issues (3)

What are the issues surrounding fair trade clothing? Fairtees believes that in order for fashion to be sustainable, fair trade must be considered, since sustainability must include the social realms of our world.

Write By: echoedlight - 22 Jul / 2017 Created Date: 2017-07-22 Published In: Sustainable Fashion

At Fairtees we like to support charities doing amazing work by giving away $1 from every online order. Read on to see who you helped us donate to this year!

Write By: ella - 20 May / 2014 Created Date: 2014-05-20 Published In: Sustainable Fashion want to jump on board the sustainable fashion train? Thanks to 3things, here are 10 tips for you!

Write By: ella - 08 Aug / 2014 Created Date: 2014-08-08 Published In: Sustainable Fashion

So...your favourite tee is a little worn and seems worse for wear...or is it? 

Craft Passion can teach you how to let your t-shirt live a renewed life by making yarn from it!


Write By: ella - 18 Jan / 2015 Created Date: 2015-01-18 Published In: Sustainable Fashion

Cleaning out your wardrobe and in need of some sustainable fashion inspiration? Keep those old shirts and t-shirts to reuse…inspiration is here! This week I stumbled upon Serendipity Patch. If you were thinking, “What could I possibly do with all these t-shirts?” then, oh my, does Debbie have some inspiration for you!

Write By: ella - 04 Feb / 2015 Created Date: 2015-02-04 Published In: Sustainable Fashion

No need to say goodbye just yet to that favourite old T-shirt. Perhaps it’s a little too loved and worn for an op-shop, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready for landfill. This month we want to share with you a few more ideas, from WasteNot.WantNot, for ways to reuse an old t-shirt.

Write By: rach - 01 Mar / 2015 Created Date: 2015-03-01 Published In: Sustainable Fashion

When you buy tees, we buy trees!

We recognise that for us to trade as a business, there's an environmental cost – and we want to cover that cost.

We've chosen to do that through Carbon Neutral's Plant-a-Tree Program which we've broken down for you in this post, along with a few FAQ and answers about carbon offsets for business.

Write By: ella - 30 Sep / 2015 Created Date: 2015-09-30 Published In: Sustainable Fashion

In an effort to vote with your dollars, you may likely have come across terms like “ethical clothing” or “ethical fashion”, and discussions about “shopping ethically”. But what does “ethical” mean? How can you know if what you’re buying is supporting your values? Ah, the dilemma of the “ethical shopper”. Let us here unpack what the subjective term, “ethical”, can mean in the clothing industry and how to evaluate the claims against your own ideals.