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$1 to Charity Per Order Update 2017

Write By: echoedlight Published In: Sustainable Fashion Created Date: 2017-07-22

At Fairtees we like to support charities doing amazing work by giving away $1 from every online order. Read on to see who you helped us donate to this year!

Back in 2015 we decided to start giving one shiny Australian dollar to a charity we loved for every order placed on our website during each calendar year. Read about our first years gift recipients here, and our 2016 recipients here. 

We've just given again, to cover all our online orders from January to June 2017. This totalled $195, and we decided it was perfect timing to gift this to Behind the Barcode - the industry-changing project by Baptist World Aid producing the Ethical Fashion & Ethical Electronics Guides & Reports.

Since Behind the Barcode & its associated campaigning began, major brands across Australia have taken steps to improve the labour conditions of the workers in their supply chains, as well as overall transparency. Woohoo!

And more good news is that Behind the Barcode are planning to expand their fashion brand ratings criteria to include an assessment of environmental protections in place - this will mean that the many benefits of organic, GOTS and OCS certified production (at both farm and factory stage) will be appropriately recognised.

To all our lovely customers, thanks again for joining us in being a small part of this world-changing project!

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