Sustainable Fashion for Australia and New Zealand

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We want to run at the head of the pack in business sustainability, which is why we've set in place some simple, effective practices:

Carbon Offsets

When you buy tees, we buy trees! We recognise that for us to trade as a business, there's an environmental cost – and we want to try to cover that cost. We have chosen to do that by planting trees through Carbon Neutral. Read more about the process and our calculations on our blog. As of June 2017, Fairtees has planted 320 trees!

Smart & Sustainable Shipping

We post tees with good old Australia Post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, to minimise carbon emissions from transport, and because we love Posties everywhere. 

Certified Supply Chain

Our clothing collection comes with organic, fair trade and environmental reporting and certification, which is key to increasing clothing sustainability worldwide.

Minimal & Recycled Packaging

To keep packaging down and reduce waste, we make sure we use just the amount necessary to keep your garments safe and in great condition on their road or air journey to you. We also use recycled & biodegradable materials wherever possible. Our packing tools of choice include fair trade hemp twine, paper (rather than plastic) packing tape, Australian sourced 100% post consumer recycled & unbleached: packing paper, carry bags, swing tags and printing paper from Ecocern. We also request that our suppliers ship to us with the same mindset.

Buy less, but buy kickass!

To knock our clothing sustainability up a notch, we all need to cycle through our existing wardrobes for longer and embrace cloth that is torn and holey. But when we do replace our old tees with new ones, let the new ones be kick ass! We want to help you buy top quality garments that you will love for longer, and wear till they're worn out. For us to genuinely promote sustainability though, we know that we need to help make mending cool and doable, promote clothes swaps, and encourage you to only buy the gear that you really need. Don't need that new tee right now? Come back when you do!

100% Recycled Promotional Material

We choose to print on paper and card which is 100% unbleached post-consumer waste product from Australia. Our swing-tags are printed with safe vegetable-based inks, and consideration is given to the card size and quantity of runs, to reduce waste. We choose suppliers and a printer with a likeminded attitude and concern for human health and the environment. Read more about Ink, health risks and the Environment here. Read some facts and advice on choosing Recycled paper brands here

Good Work

Fair wages and good conditions for all the workers in our supply chain, from Asia, to Europe, to Australia.

Tested & Dependable

One of our goals is to only make available garments which will look good and last for a long time. We do this by testing out and wearing the styles ourselves, and choosing stronger styles and cuts.

Composting, Reusing & Recycling

We reuse, compost, and recycle our office waste. We also prefer to use upcycled and second-hand materials for furniture, signage, and storage.

Australia & New Zealand Focus

Our clothing line is made in Europe and Asia, and we would like to make the most of the energy and emissions from the shipping that has already taken place by only selling our garments to Australians and New Zealanders.

Garment Respect

We want to foster an attitude of love and respect for garments everywhere. This is why we promote mending and repurposing, and encourage proper clothing care, so our clothes can have long and happy lives!

We wear the clothes we sell!

If you see us on the street or out on the town, there's every chance we'll be kickin around in the gear we sell. Not only to test it out and make sure we stock the best – but because we love it! This helps us know the gear we sell inside out, and offer you better clothes and more helpful service.

Sharing the Love

We want to support organisations who are working to do good things in this world. Each year we will donate $1 from each website order we receive to a worthy cause. In 2016, we gave to The White Helmets who are based in Syria and risk their lives to save others from the destruction wrought by bombing and other attacks on civilians and infrastructure, and to Take 3 for the Sea who work creatively to prevent marine pollution around Australia and the world. Read more on our blog, or even look back on 2015's donations.

Let us know who to give to next!

Spreading Awareness

We aim to grow an appreciation among customers and the general public alike for the immense amount of time, effort, planting, sunshine, water, weeding, energy, technology, designing and sweet stitching skills that have gone into making the tees on our backs. Through blogs, conversations over cups of tea, the sharing of videos and growing our own cotton plants, we hope to bring ourselves and anyone who wants to join us closer to the birthpains and the beauty of a humble tee.

Promotion of Long-Lasting Fashion

It's a bit of a joke to put 'sustainable' and 'fashion' in the same sentence, the former promotes longevity and strength, while the latter is all about fast turnover and obsolescence. Having said that, we live in the same world as you, and love the freshness of new designs too! So we try to maintain a good balance between long-lived fashion, ie. garments which will not go out of fashion, and the freshest cuts and colours on the scene – making sure to choose new styles which have the potential to last.

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