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Behind the Scenes of Stanley & Stella (the clothing brand we stock)

Write By: rach Published In: Fair Trade Issues Created Date: 2016-09-01

Want to know the factory conditions the garment workers experienced last year while making the clothes we sell? Read on!

Transparency is a term that's thrown around a lot these days, especially in relation to the fair and sustainable production of goods. In an effort to get in on it and share more 'behind the scenes' details related to the clothes we stock, we'll be posting more frequently on this.

The Fair Wear Foundation have just released Stanley & Stella's Social Report for 2015. It covers conditions of garment production in 9 factories from January to December 2015. The factories are located in:

  1. Bangladesh (99.41% overall production)

  2. Portugal (0.28%)

  3. Turkey (0.06%)

  4. China (0.25%)

The report is simple to read and covers negative and positive findings from each factory, improvements that were made, and strategies Stanley & Stella adopt to increase the ability of their factories and raw material suppliers (eg. organic cotton) to work sustainably and safely, and treat their employees well. Check it out to get a clearer picture of where and how your clothes from Fairtees were born! 

Access to all past audits & reports of Stanley & Stella's performace by the Fair Wear Foundation, including details of progress towards the payment of a living wage for garment workers, can be found here.

To understand more about barriers to the payment of a living wage, and what the Fair Wear Foundation is doing to try to remove these barriers in its partner's factories, please see their 2016 booklet 'Living Wages: An Explorer's Notebook (Piloting Living Wages in Garment Factories)'.


(Image credit: Stanley & Stella, Fair Wear Foundation)

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