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Thanks to you, Fairtees is giving back!

Write By: rach Published In: Updates Created Date: 2016-02-09

As a team, we decided to give $1 from each website order in 2015 to a worthy cause.

We decided to put aside one shiny dollar from each website order we received in 2015, and donate the resulting amount to a worthy cause. Shaking out the piggy bank recently, we found $204 to play with! 

As a team, Fairtees decided to give to Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) and International Justice Mission (IJM). These two organisations lie close to our hearts: 

  • BZE for its non-profit work in preventing climate change and pursuit of sustainable solutions, through research into the best ways to transition to renewable energies and empower communities, 
  • IJM for their extraordinary work in freeing victims of slavery and human trafficking around the world, and the prevention of these crimes against vulnerable people through the support and training of local justice and law enforcement systems. 



Both of these organisations align with Fairtees' ethics - we believe that all people are valuable and worthy of care and fair treatment (why we only offer fair trade clothing, read more here), that humans and our environment are inextricably linked and invaluable, and therefore both are extremely important to protect and look after (why we only offer organic and eco-friendly clothing).

As a small business, we want to operate as sustainably as possible, and we are really excited to be able to give even a small amount of support to organisations who are protecting people from exploitation, and protecting the earth. We think this is the future of good business.

You can help us give even more to good causes in 2016 by placing an order on our website. And let us know who you think we should donate to next! 

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