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Fair Trade Issues

Write By: ella - 27 Jan / 2015 Created Date: 2015-01-27 Published In: Fair Trade Issues

The textile industry in Bangladesh faces great challenges for workers. The industry creates many jobs for a nation with high poverty rates, but employment within the sector can also be at high risk of exploitation – such as long working hours, low wages and unsafe working conditions.

So then, why are we proud to provide you with high quality garments made in Bangladesh? What is the Fair Wear Foundation doing in Bangladesh and how are our suppliers operating that would give us confidence to sell fair trade clothing made in Bangladesh?

Write By: ella - 08 Dec / 2015 Created Date: 2015-12-08 Published In: Fair Trade Issues

With a growing interest in shopping ethically, we have an increasing amount of claims and labels to decipher when shopping with our ethics in mind. The terms “fair trade” and “ethical” and an associated certification logo can give us confidence. But sometimes, a mist of confusion remains. So we’d like to share with you some common fair trade claims and certifications you might find when shopping in Australia, and how to decipher them.

Write By: rach - 01 Sep / 2016 Created Date: 2016-09-01 Published In: Fair Trade Issues

Want to know the factory conditions the garment workers experienced last year while making the clothes we sell? Read on!