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Looking to Accessorise, but keep it fair and sustainable? Treehugga to the rescue!

Write By: ella Published In: Some Favourite Things Created Date: 2014-07-29

Today I had the privelege of meeting Kylie from Not only was she the funkiest-looking person I've seen in a while, but her style was matched by the same level of funk and thoughtfulness in her personality.

And all of this drives the engine of - an online shopping hub for organic, recycled, sustainable & fair goods. (I don't know about you, but I am quite pleased to be able to add some delicious fair trade and organic chocolate to a fair trade, sustainable bamboo sunglasses purchase with hardly anyone knowing!)

Kylie is funky, earthy and thoughtful, and is just the same. It's an online shopping spot for organic, fair trade, sustainable and recycled goods.

I have to admit, these beautiful fair trade and sustainable bamboo sunglasses, with their super-cute bamboo case, caught my attention as something to wear off the glare, and to go perfectly with my favourite Fairtees fair trade shirt!

Gorgeous Green Bamboo Sunglasses - fair tradeFunky Bamboo Sunglasses Case

And I don't even have to be selfish here! I found some fantastic items for gifts - sweet serving bowls for salad or fruit and some cute herb markers for the green thumbs!

Fair Trade and Sustainable Bamboo Serving BowlRecycled and Fair Trade Garden Markers

A new sweet find for some favourite things from surfboards to superfoods! And every item is labeled clearly with its characteristics - organic, recycled, sustainable and/or fair. has made the cut for my online shopping speeddial. I hope you enjoy it too!

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