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Ethical Underwear Favourites

Write By: ella Published In: Some Favourite Things Created Date: 2017-04-13

Finding the perfect ethical undies takes time (many-a-date with a search engine), hard-earned dollars and testing. So to help you in your journey, we've put together our list of ethical underwear favourites to share with you.

Many fair trade and organic undies have now been tested in my home. Some have claimed the coveted place of front and top in the underwear drawer, while others have retreated to the back depths, only to be seen on laundry days. We've sifted through wedgies and early wear-out, loose bits and tight bits, to bring you recommendations of our favourite ladies' and men's ethical undies.

Of course, we all have our different needs and favourite styles to wear, so here's the down-low on my search criteria:


  • fairly made
  • organic cotton
  • comfortable
  • can wear under a variety of clothes...that is, my entire wardrobe
  • long-lasting
  • quality-made
  • cute!

The undies that didn't make the list were those with any of the following qualities:


  • wedgies
  • loose edges
  • too tight waists
  • insufficient coverage
  • insufficient support
  • early wear out

Hopes were dashed and dreams were made as the wedgies were separated from the comfortable fits, the worn-out worry-makers from the hard-wearing heroes. And the tried and true winners emerged glorious:

Ladies' Ethical Underwear

1. Ladies' Hipster Thunderpants

women's ethical underwearThese undies are incredibly cute while retaining some decent coverage. They'll leave you feeling rather adorable and confident underneath all the outer wear. (If you're not from my hipster-wearing generation and are therefore not averse to, but rather keen on, your 'bottoms' fabric flirting with your belly button, then perhaps check out the Original Thunderpants too.) The fabric is lovely and soft, but still so hardy. I've been wearing these a while not without wearing them down at all. (I'm having trouble imagining them ever wearing out). They are easily THE MOST COMFORTABLE UNDIES I HAVE EVER WORN. And I love that you can choose from basic colours and spunky patterns. 

2. ALAS the label Underwear

ladies' fair trade and organic cotton underwearA little more trim in style, these will give you the hipster style with optimum comfort and a little less coverage. They sit nice and low, so they shouldn't greet the world when you bend over to pick up that pen you dropped. But they're a lovely firm fit, so they'll also keep you safe from sharing your crack unwittingly. The fabric of these is unbeatably soft.

Men's Ethical Underwear

1. Men's Original Thunderpants

men's best ethical undies

Pull them out from their cardboard roll on arrival, but don't let any first thoughts of trepidation fool you. Once they're on, it's "woah, baby!" They've got such a classic look, falling somewhere in between briefs and trunks, and comfort to write home (or here) about. (Excuse the dangling pun intended...everything is well supported in these. Just like all the Thunderpants we've worn, the fabric is totally premium quality; thick and secure, like it'll last a long time without letting you down. (They've also got fitted boxers, but seriously, don't overlook this original style!)

2. Etiko Trunks

best fair trade organic undiesWith soft fabric and a supportive fit, these undies know what makes a good design and have harnessed that, rather than trying to re-invent the wheel (or, in this case, trunk). The length in the legs is perfect - not too long that they become bike pants, and not too short that trunk-enthusiasts need worry about crossing into brief territory. Totally classic, these are the perfect trunk.

I hope this list of tried and true ethical underwear streamlines your way to a kind, comfortable and reliable undie drawer. Happy underwearing!

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