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Fairtees is Giving Back - Again!

Write By: rach Published In: Updates Created Date: 2017-02-27

At Fairtees we like to support charities doing amazing work by giving away $1 from every online order. Read on to see who you helped us donate to this year!

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Back in 2015 we decided to start giving one shiny dollar to a charity we loved for every order placed on our website during each calendar year. Read about our first years gift recipients here. Last year (2016) we had 355 web orders, which meant we had $355 to divvy up when we sat down in January 2017 to give it away.

To find out who our customers thought we should give to, we threw the question out there on Facebook. Two wonderful charities emerged that align with our values at Fairtees - to care for each other and care for the earth (fairness and sustainability), so we played fair and split the donation between them. These two are:

The White Helmets - gifted $177. The White Helmets are based in Syria, and are everyday people risking their own lives to save others from the destruction wrought by bombing and other attacks on civilians and infrastructure in the horrific Syrian conflict. To date, they have saved over 78,000 lives from rubble. See their site for more info and video clips showing their incredible work. Here's an example of what they spend their donations on:

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Take 3 for the Sea  - gifted $178. Take 3 started on the Central Coast of NSW (like us!) and have been working creatively to prevent marine pollution around Australia and the world. They encourage people everywhere to take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway... or anywhere and you've made a difference. Visit their site for more on their critical and timely work. 

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From 2017 on, Fairtees are going to start giving per financial year, just to make tallying order numbers that much easier. Look out for our next set of donations come July 2017, and please feel free to let us know who to give to next :)

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