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Fair Trade Clothing for Australia

Why Fair Trade Clothing?

Fairtees is all about making life easier for Australians. We want to make choosing good, fashionable, ethically-made clothes an easy choice! And in essence, making life easier is what fair trade is about as well. This is why we hope to make fair trade clothing as close to you as the click of a button!

I think we can all agree that people should be paid a fair wage for their work, and be treated with respect. But how does that play out in our everyday choices, from buying a bottle of milk to buying a t-shirt? Are we supporting what we agree with? Do we know what has happened behind the scenes, before this shiny new product was placed on the shelf in aisle 3? 

All of that can sound like hard work, because many brands want their products and supply-chain to remain invisible. But Fairtees wants you to see what others keep hidden. We want you to rest easy when freshening up your wardrobe with fair trade clothing, and with social criteria certification from GOTS (the Global Organic Textile Standard), as well as partnering & reporting done by the Fair Wear Foundation - you can!  All of our clothes are made by producers who are partnered with the Fair Wear Foundation and report regularly on the required criteria, so you can be sure that by buying Fairtees, you are supporting fair working conditions (all the while looking rather good too!)

fair clothing should be simple - fair wear foundation flow chart


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