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    We create new unique theme only for you and your shops. Great, stylish, modern and minimalistic.
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    We create new unique theme only for you and your shops. Great, stylish, modern and minimalistic.
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    We create new unique theme only for you and your shops. Great, stylish, modern and minimalistic.

Eco Friendly Clothing for Australia

About Fairtees

Fairtees is your online shop for organic, fair trade clothing. Sustainable fashion is the game, and we want to play fair for everyone's sake. We partner with suppliers who lead the world in sustainable clothing production. Until recently, the clothing industry has been either fashionable or ethical. Fairtees believes it can be both! We want to be part of the work towards environmental and social sustainability - caring for the earth & caring for each other, while feeling good in the clothes we wear.
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Ethical Clothing for Australia

Here at Fairtees, we want you to know the ethics that guide our clothes range, from the growing of the fibres to delivery to your door (and hopefully even beyond there into clothing afterlife!)

We believe that fair trade is of great concern to any commodity business, and deserves particular attention in industries that are otherwise rife with worker exploitation. That is why we only supply fair trade clothing.

For more information about the organisational fair trade avenue we have taken, see Fair Trade Clothing for Australia and visit the Fair Wear  Foundation website.

As well as respecting one another by properly valuing the work required to make our favourite clothes, we believe it is also important to consider and reduce the environmental impact of our fashion. Using organic farming methods can benefit not only the environment, but also farmers. It keeps the farming land healthier without using synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, thus reducing the health risks for farmers too! So in the quest for eco friendly clothing (friendly to the environmental and social eco system), Fairtees has opted to supply all organic clothing.

To read a little more about organic cotton or why we love organic clothing as an eco-friendly option, see Organic Cotton Clothing for Australia. For more information about our organic clothing from an organisational and certification standpoint, visit the Soil Association and Global Organic Textile Standard or Textile Exchange websites.

We are proud to sell our eco-friendly and ethical clothing to Australia - not just because it's fair trade, or organic. But because it looks great too!

There is no compromise on fashion here. And you don't have to step into a world of unwearable or for-one-occasion fashion. This is organic fair trade fashion for every day wear. There's no statement to be made - except that you look plain old awesome in your (what you know is) eco and ethical clothing.

So that's a little about your Fairtees getup until it became yours. We like to think that we can also be promoting and growing the movement for sustainable fashion with the little steps we take along that journey. But once your sweet styles are at your door, it's up to you to keep that going. For ideas, visit our blog and add your ideas for sustainable fashion to the mix too!